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Tobii Dynavox

The leading provider of touch and eye tracking based assistive technology hardware and software for those with communication and mobility challenges.

Tobii Dynavox stands at the forefront of assistive technology and special education, delivering the most advanced, effective and empowering communication and computer access tools available.

-Assistive Eye Gaze devices

-Touch based tablets

-Communication Apps

-Boardmaker Software

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Tecla-e empowers individuals with physical disabilities who cannot independently use smartphones, tablets, computers or smart home technology with touchscreens and keyboards.

Compatible devices include:

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iOS devices with Switch Control)

Mac Computers (macOS with Switch Control)

Apple TV (tvOS with Switch Control)

Android devices (with Switch Access, we recommend Pixel devices)

Samsung devices (with Universal Switch)

Windows computers (compatible scanning software required)

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AbleNet develops and manufactures a vast portfolio of technology products and curriculum solutions that are designed specifically for individuals with disabilities. Their Product Portfolio includes:


-Accessible Toys

-Speech generating devices